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What we do

At Lucid Networks, we build cloud-based applications, hardware and services, including control systems for video walls and standalone displays, media players and sensors. Most of our development is in the corporate, retail and tradeshow space. We also build video walls and custom-built digital signage and media players.

We also build and maintain networks of all sizes, from five users to many thousands of users. The world we live in requires good solid networks. We use Juniper firewalls with the highest level of security available on the market. We also use Juniper and Aruba switches and Aruba indoor and outdoor wireless access points for a complete end to end system supporting all of your needs.

Lastly, we offer LTE systems for our IoT devices and networks, whether for primary or backup Internet services. Our Juniper routers can be outfitted with dual-carrier LTE cards for ultimate failover. Additionally, we can deploy Sierra Wireless RV50X routers for primary Internet connectivity, also with dual-carrier failover.

Our products

LAVA Controls, the world's first cloud-based commercial display and video wall control, management and monitoring system. Control, manage and monitor all of your displays, globally, from one single location. Know what every corporate or digital signage display is doing from your desk or deck. Proactive, not reactive.

NEC Displays and Video Walls on Peerless AV mounts. We have distribution and installation teams globally to support your enterprise.

Display Engine Media Players and Sensors, sold exclusively through Ideacage

Juniper Networks Firewalls and Switches

Aruba Switches and Indoor and Outdoor Access Points

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We are rebranding for the coming LAVA Controls release and this is our temporary landing page