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At Lucid Networks, we build build and maintain networks of all sizes, from five users to many thousands of users. The world we live in requires good, solid networks. We use Juniper firewalls with the highest level of security available on the market. We also use Juniper and Aruba switches and Aruba indoor and outdoor wireless access points for a complete end to end system supporting all of your needs.

We also build 3G/4G LTE/5G cellular systems for our IoT devices and networks, whether for primary or backup Internet services. Our Juniper routers can be outfitted with dual-carrier LTE cards for ultimate fail-over. Additionally, we can deploy Sierra Wireless RV50X routers for primary Internet connectivity, also with dual-carrier fail-over.

Alongside stationary cellular systems, we also design and install mobile cellular systems in transit such as trains and buses, and commercial vehicle applications using the Peplink product line. These routers offer dual and simultaneous carriers for redundancy and bandwidth aggregation. Additionally, Cel-Fi boosters, booting up to 100dBm, are the best on the market. All these can also be installed in recreation vehicles providing the highest quality equipment and most reliable Internet service, anywhere in the world.

Our products

Juniper Networks Firewalls and Switches

Aruba Switches and Indoor and Outdoor Access Points

Sierra Wireless and Peplink cellular routers and modems

Cel-Fi mobile and stationary cellular boosters

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